All fancy words including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Video Analytics etc., do I really care. Yes/No/Maybe. It’s something like wanting to know that the pizza delivery guy came on a motor-bike, scooter, car or bicycle. As a recruiter, am I interested in the pizza or I care about how it was delivered to me; ok as far as it was delivered fresh & hot. So, what do I care as a recruiter. Thought bombs that may emerge that a candidate is a pizza, let’s not go that route. Let’s move further…

I am the Recruiter! Can I just ask for the number & kind of people I need for a job and I get a whole list of matching video profiles that I can swift through: select/reject/put on hold; and all this without even meeting the candidate. It is such a wastage of my time as a recruiter, wherein I must invest 20/30 minutes in an interview that is based on a CV selection methodology. We all know that the CV is a fake instrument. Anyone can be anyone on a CV while the reality is often different.

Or, if the video profiles are also stack ranked and I don’t even have to view all the videos to decide whether there is a fit. Plus, I get multiple insights about the candidate purely basis the video analytics and with machine learning the system replicates my neural networks & decision parameters to enable informed confident decision making.

And, finally if I could schedule next round interviews with these shortlisted video profiles without having to email/call them.

If all this is possible, then I do care about AI, ML, Video analytics to a point that I don’t have to bother about my recruitments; across varied factors like locations, time-zones, job-descriptions, cost limitations, time challenges and many more. In this way, the technology will take the guess work away & lend me the more as quality time for personal pendency’s, which are currently eaten by mundane recruitment activities that can be best handled by a machine. And, I as the Recruiter focus on salary negotiation, offer generation & the most important aspect: Candidate Experience.

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