AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the past of the near future. It is happening as we read. Recruitment & Engagement leaders are beginning to experiment with AI to deliver value to the way they recruit & engage with their current & future employees. With an influx of data, AI has the capacity to provide a wealth of insights in areas including talent assessment, employee engagement and manager effectiveness; insights that might otherwise go undiscovered. This helps teams better understand and predict workforce trends and emerging problem areas.

But, the word AI is going to go down in history as a buzzword that came and went. What really has been breakthrough in 2016-2017 is the scale of neural networks which work really, really well thanks to the cloud. Naysayers, would always argue and there is no suitable answer to justify to them about AI, or for that matter anything: the cloud, impact of smartphones, video interviews & what not. Today neural networks have scaled on the cloud. Smartphones are where everything happens for all of us. Videos are impacting how relationships are built and maintained. So, how are all these developments happening so fast and how do we as Recruitment & Engagement leaders catch pace.

Let’s understand the concept of AI as Augmented Intelligence and not Artificial Intelligence. AI is a software robotics algorithm that helps people work faster, with accuracy and is the only way to replicate patterns of humans for decision making with or without supervision. Despite this, there are many things that software can't resolve. AI will not eliminate the need for human capital, it will just make the human capital more advanced, and more so in recruitment & engagement in organizations.

With the brand loyalty becoming extinct, the once unconnected world is now more than connected. We are exposed to new experiences and there is a deluge of ever changing technology that none of us can ever even know about. Everything is an algorithm. Imagine a world where everything is automated, individuals perform their jobs without ever having to speak to another person, and all of life’s needs are at one’s fingertips. This is what’s happening now. As organizations look for ways to streamline Recruitment & Engagement using the latest technology, products will make decisions, track outcomes, improve on their own and make way for newer algorithms getting written by existing algorithms. Yes, today humans write algorithms - Tomorrow, algorithms will write algorithms.

What if a system could provide insights to you immediately by tracking your hiring trend, existing employees, tone of communication, associated challenges, successes & failures etc. What if you could say “I want someone like my best sales guy, but with more experience in management?” That’s all.

It doesn't take a lot of analysis to just predict something, but it takes a lot of analysis and a great technology to be right about that prediction in a quantitative & qualitative way and then to take that learning and cycle it back into the system.

It’s time for recruitment to move beyond human lead hiring, that is beyond biases, is engaging without discrimination, is green so no travel, is uniform across the organization and finally is as per the competency framework for a given job. Recruitment & Engagement leaders are now beginning to recognize that data-driven insights can have a major impact, reducing risk and driving success in decision-making around talent management and organizational performance. The idea of a creating a good “corporate culture” has never been more important. Even if its development is organic, companies place a premium on having a shared vision, values, and practices among their employees. And you can bet this impacts performance.

It may seem that the “human” element is disappearing from human resources, but we think it is evolving in an even stronger way.

While all this will be done by machines, lets pause here and ask what will recruitment & engagement leaders do: the stronger way?

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